Main data of the product. 
Filtering unit is used for filtration and preparation of water, saline solution and other technological mediums. 
Main technical information. 

Article: ФУ501
Characteristic Index
Nominal (operating) pressure, MPa (kilogram-force/cm2)4,0 (40)
Category of placement of the productI under GOST (State Standard) 15150-69
Medium to be filtered Water of different fouling factors, saline solutions for injection into well
Conductive medium temperature, not more, oС+60
Capacity, m3/h250
Cartridge filter element degree of filtration (mounted by agreement) Up to 50 micrometers - Ф50
Up to 25 micrometers - Ф25 Д
Up to 5 micrometers - Ф0,5
Storage temperature, oСFrom -50 till +40
Plant weight, kg302
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