Drilling tank

For what

1. Appointment
Tanks are designed to perform drilling operations in the repair and overhaul of oil and gas wells.

2. Application
- washing of sand and hydrate plugs
- drain fluids containing oil and gas
- drilling out cement plugs
- milling of emergency equipment
- well completion and swabbing сompressing
- and replenishing solutions wells jamming based salts Na, Ca, K density from 1.36 to 1 kg / cm ³ and other process fluids, water-based (process water, natural muds, clay and non-clay solution, inverse emulsion solutions)

3. Сlimatic performance
- operation in areas with a temperate climate with cold climates, GOST (State Standard) 16350-80, climatic design Cold Temperate Climate-1 according to GOST (State Standard) 15150-96 (-45... +45C).

4. Additional equipment at customers request
Dyeing capacity in corporate color with the application of a logo of the customer.
- The package capacitance can be included manifold pipes, flexible tubing
- Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam containers
- Containers can be completed with different types of heating sections of workers and units, such as explosion-proof heaters from 3 to 11 kW heating cable
- Ability to install capacity on the sled, or the tractor chassis.
- On the additional capacity can be installed pumps of various capacities

5. Advantages
- Thermal insulation with polyurethane foam ensures that the heat inside the container for a longer time than in the tank without insulation.
- Installing the heater maintains the heat inside the vessel during the time that will be needed.
- Ability to manufacture tanks with rounded corners. Rolling computer numerical control equipment allows us to achieve the ideal geometry of the vessel. Rounded corners allow easy cleaning capacity and increase rigidity.
- Placement on a sled or tractor chassis allows you to make mobile capacity and more convenient to use.
- Tanks are equipped with wastewater treatment hatches "Canadian" type, which facilitates and accelerates the process of service.
- Installation on the tank level gauges allows visual monitoring of liquid levels.

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