"Unicom" presented in Nizhnevartovsk equipment for oil and gas complex

21.11.2018 Новости завода

     "Unicom" plant has been producing oilfield equipment for more than 15 years, successfully competing with world manufacturers. This was announced by the Director of marketing and sales of the enterprise Vladislav Lyukshin.

He speaks at the round table "Innovative technologies and equipment for Mature fields". The event is held within the framework of the Nizhnevartovsk oil and gas innovation and investment forum.

Vladislav Lyukshin presented the report "Innovative technologies used in Unicom products"at the round table.

"All solutions are developed in our own design Department. The company has ten patents for inventions and produces 100 types of products for the oil and gas sector, including capacitive equipment, equipment for the preparation of technological solutions, steam generator sets, receiving bridges and estuary sites, mobile buildings, " Vladislav Lyukshin said.

According to him, at the time, the specialists of the plant offered a unique solution to the problem of corrosion by a complete transition to polymers, in connection with which the company launched a line for the production of spiral pipes made of polyethylene with a diameter of 300 to 3 thousand mm.

"In addition to corrosion resistance, they are characterized by resistance to aggressive environments, durability, high mechanical strength, environmental safety. Abroad spiralvoice pipe is used mainly in the construction of roads and utilities. At the enterprise, taking into account these qualities, they were used as a container for oilfield equipment, " the expert explained.

Recall that during the Nizhnevartovsk oil and gas forum discussed the prospects of production at Mature fields, the most important and priority areas of oil production in the region. The event built a constructive dialogue of subsoil users, the scientific community, equipment manufacturers and service companies on problematic issues.

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